Sellers often skip over extremely important, yet obvious ways to help them sell their home. This is always such a shame, because there are too many outlets available to arm sellers with checklists to handle, to not use them. Here are the most common mistakes that are made: 

1. Misrepresenting The Description Of Your Home in it’s Listing oops

Many sellers think that minor exaggerations of the details of the home, or telling a few “white lies” will help get buyers in the door. It can also push them immediately out of the door as well once they realize that is what you did. Don’t underestimate buyers; go ahead and bank on the fact that the buyer will absolutely wonder what else you are lying about.

While you consider it “a small fib,” a fib is still a lie. Don’t add “completely renovated kitchen with stainless steel appliances,” to the listing when all you really did was add a stainless steel refrigerator, while leaving the other appliances outdated. Honestly is always thArticle_1_Picture_1_closing-costs-1e way to go. Again, buyers will wonder what else you are lying about, and chances are, they will not stick around to find out.

Incorrect, or Poor Timing

Countless studies have been done to determine when the most effective time to sell a home is. This is one of the most argued topics these days. However, most people do not have the luxury of waiting for another two seasons to sell their home. Whether it is because they need to relocate, or downsize, they just can’t. However, if you do have the luxury of waiting to sell your home until the “right” time, there are important things to keep in mind. For example, if you have lived in the house for a shorter period of time, it is advised to remain in the house for a few years longer.

One-Sided Contracts

When sitting down with an agent make sure you are comfortable with the length of the listing contract, as it is hard and sometimes impossible to change after the contact is signed. Therefore, both parties should come to a solid agreement on this matter. The number of days will usually be determined by the area of your home, and how “hot” the market is in your area at that time. See: Selling Your Home? Avoid These Mistakes.

Non-Existent, or Poor Sales Strategy

Any home up for sale should be listed in the MLS as well as open houses, classifieds, Trulia, and many other outlets. With the times we live in now, most buyers utilize the Internet rather than traditional methods. There is no excuse in this day and age, to not be able to properly advertise your home online. Make sure the realtor you have chosen is well experienced in utilizing the Internet. If they are not, it is strongly suggested to reconsider.

Interfering with Negotations

All sellers get overly excited when their realtor calls and tells them they have an offer on the home. While it is thrilling, if you do not negotiate the deal properly, countless problems can and do arise. Some owners absolutely refuse to be flexible in a buyer’s demands or requests, as the seller often feels that they are selling their home below its value. Understandably, sellers have emotional attachments to their home. Due to this, their judgment and assessment of this figure is skewed. Instead of going on hard numbers and facts, they let their emotions get in the way.


Ignoring warning signs

There are many red flags that can turn a buyer off from the get-go. If your home is displaying any of these problems, be sure to immediately correct them before listing your home. These many include bad smells, mold spots/mildewed areas (especially on floors and walls), broken doors, broken windows, or problems with the heating/cooling systems

These are the obvious outer problems that a buyer will immediately notice, and they will definitely turn them off. Would you walk into a home and be thrilled that the walls are mildewed, and you’ll for sure be replacing the doors and the AC units? No. Check out: The Most Costly Home Selling Mistakes, and, Home Selling Biggest Mistakes for further reading.

So Many Home Sellers Make Mistakes. Here Are The Most Common Ones So that You Can Learn From Others, Without Having To Make Them Yourself

2 thoughts on “So Many Home Sellers Make Mistakes. Here Are The Most Common Ones So that You Can Learn From Others, Without Having To Make Them Yourself

  • Is selling my house alone really a bad idea? It seems like it wouldn’t be that difficult. I realize that there is a lot involved, but how hard could it be? There are some realtors that have only a few months experience, surely they would know just as much as I do, which would be practically nothing?

  • Hi Annie,

    Selling your home is extremely difficult. While yes, there are realtors that have only been in business for a few months, they went through rigorous tests and many classes to learn the legalities of real estate. While it seems like an easy idea to sell alone, it really isn’t. A lot goes into it, which is why real estate is a profession. Please put a lot of thought into this before you decide!

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